Hard Times and New Things

It's been just a couple of weeks since I last posted and here's an understatement: life sure has changed since then.

I can only imagine what that specifically means for you, but every single one of us is dealing with the stress and sadness of unexpected, uncertain, and unprecedented times.

In my last post, I promised Literaseeds had some new, exciting things in the works. I'll finally share. It's a collection of reminders to slow down, simplify, and connect at home.


I'm not sure we need those reminders right now.

Or do we?


Honestly, I've been wrestling with whether to release these new things because the message didn't feel fun anymore. I had envisioned a playful nod to the seventies and eighties, when low-tech life offered more time to be together and connect. Beverly Goldberg GIFs, big hair references, the whole shebang. But the last thing I want to do right now is pretend to be lighthearted when life is heavy.

A strange thing happened though. In the last few days and weeks, I've absolutely needed these phrases running through my head. What started as fun and playful has turned into survival.

I need to unplug from the news and hug my family. I must be an analog aficionado for a bit every day or I will go crazy. I have to remember my kids are just fine offline for a while, even when remote learning and boredom and cabin fever are nudging them toward screens.

Sound familiar?

Then these things are for you too.

This collection has everything from classic mugs to baby bodysuits to t-shirts for the whole family. Every item was designed by yours truly, printed in the USA, and arrives at your doorstep with a special dose of Literaseeds prettiness.

I truly considered just tucking these things away for a few months, but the message has taken on new significance for me as life gets turned upside down. It's tempting to reach for digital distraction and scrolling solace, but we all still have very real lives and relationships to nurture.

Hopefully these small reminders can help.

Although life doesn't look anything like we want right now, here's to slowing down, simplifying, and connecting with those we love.

Even better if it's while sharing a special story or snuggling up with a great book!

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