Let's Have Some Fun!

stack of children's books

Who’s up for an experiment? Or more specifically, a treasure hunt!

Here’s the deal: finding good books really good books  to read together takes time. A lot of time, in fact. Time you either don’t have or could spend in other productive ways. (Or watching Netflix. We don’t judge.)

Here’s the other deal: because we’ve developed reputations as slight book nerds, the Literaseeds team is constantly being asked for book recommendations. While the specifics vary —what would you read to a kid who’s into dinosaurs? which authors are funny? any titles that help with starting school? moving? potty training? — the underlying problem is the same:

There are an overwhelming number of titles to sift through to find a winner. And who wants to spend time (or money) on a mediocre dud??

Not us! And we suspect you don’t either.

All of that got us thinking about how we can team up. You know your kid and we know children’s books.

So we developed a short, simple quiz a treasure hunt, if you will designed to give us some clues about what you might love. Based on your answers, the Literaseeds crew will draw on all of their bookishness (it’s a thing) and email you three recommendations based on your family’s specific interests and style.

If we miss the mark or select titles you’ve already read, just let us know and we’ll recommend a second batch of great titles for you to try. Because sometimes you have to dig a couple of holes before striking gold!

Think it’ll work? Who knows, but we’re willing to give this experiment a whirl and we hope you are too.

Head here to start the hunt. Happy reading, friends!

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