This Mantra Changed My Life

We made it! We survived the season of sickness, winter blahs, and far too little daylight. Maybe it's just my two straight days of South Dakota sunshine talking, but March is looking pretty good so far.

Surviving the winter months wasn't always easy, but I stumbled onto a mantra that helped a little. In the face of an unending to-do list and plenty of expectations, I keep reminding myself over and over (and over): I am just one person and I can only do so much. It worked so well I'm going to keep using it straight into summer and beyond.

Is it just me or does it feel like we've lost touch with that simple truth? We're human and we have limits, but electricity, technology, and transportation have removed many of the natural limitations our ancestors were forced to embrace. I don't know if we can blame the 24-hour news cycle, social media, and relentless digital input for our always-on/never-off mentality, but it sure doesn't help.

When I remember I am just one person and I can only do so much, an incredible thing happens though. I start asking myself:

  1. What can only I do?
  2. What really matters for me to do?

Turns out, there are a lot of things on my to-do list that someone else can do, don't really matter in the long run, or can simply wait for another day.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things I'm often tempted to skip that really, truly matter. Taking time to connect with my kids while reading a book together is one of them. The dividends are both immediate — snuggles, laughter, a chance to sit! — and long-lasting — developing a love of reading, stronger relationships, and joyful memories, just to name a few.

Literaseeds is committed to helping you enjoy more reading with better books, and have all sorts of fun too . In just a few days, we'll roll back the curtain on a few ways we're doing that. For today though, take a deep breath with me and remember that just because you can't do everything today doesn't mean you can't do something meaningful today.

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