What No One Tells You About Books (But Should)

It’s time to come right out and say it. No more tip-toeing or dancing around the truth.

For nearly two years, we've wrestled with the question do good books matter?

The Literaseeds team unanimously agrees that they do, but we cringe a bit when we say it. And we've hesitated to say it to you too.

Because, frankly, it’s snobby and judgmental and a whole host of other things that we don’t ever want Literaseeds to represent. Parenting is hard enough without the added pressure of perfect book selections.

But hear us out: it’s the why that matters most here.

Good books motivate us to keep at it. When my kids hand me a book that’s simply a recap of a Nick Jr. or Disney show, my immediate response is a resounding meh.

However, if they bring me a Chris Van Dusen with its colorful, retro-vibed, comical illustrations, I’m much more inclined to say yes.

Likewise, my kids — though they don’t realize it — are drawn to good books. It doesn’t take long for the mediocre titles to fall to the bottom of the library checkout stack or to go missing altogether. (Anybody else have a book-eating couch?!)

Good books = good cycle. The thrill of discovering a really good book makes us want more. Better books lead to more time together which leads to more family bonding and connection.

Recently, one of my kids used the phrase “truffula tree” to describe a dog’s tail and all of his siblings immediately recognized the reference to Dr. Seuss' Lorax. Some important family connections were made around well-loved stories.

So there you go: we said the thing no one will say, but it's because we care. We’ve been in the parenting trenches for a combined 30 years (don't try to do that math!) and understand that some days are for snagging a cheap book from the dollar bin. We’ve gone that route plenty of times ourselves.

However, when you and yours crave a story that’s more substantial, we hope you’ll let us help you find a winner. Not only can we send age-perfect selections right to your door, we can also recommend books based on titles you already own and love. Take our free, easy quiz here.

Happy reading, friends!



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