Grower Pack

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If you've gotten the Starter Pack and want to keep going (and growing!), the Grower Pack is for you! This three-part pack has everything you need for great reading and more family connection in one convenient package.

The Grower Pack is a complete experience that includes:

  • Six hand-selected, award-winning books to enjoy over and over.
  • Charming, beautiful things for both kids & grownups to use.
  • Encouraging artwork with reminders to read together.

The bundle is sent as a large package with three carefully-wrapped parts inside. Each family can pick their pace: open them all at once, weekly, monthly, or however long you can wait to discover your next favorite story. This makes a fantastic gift that keeps on giving!

Select between Baby/Toddler, Little Kid*, or Big Kid to receive age-perfect books. Not sure which age to pick? Our age chart makes it easy!

*Age titles are only used to prepare your order and are not mentioned in the pack. We know two- and three-year-olds feel strongly about being big kids too!