About Us


Literaseeds gives families a simple way to pause and enjoy reading together.

Families agree: finding great books and reading with kids sounds simple, but it isn't easy. And while reading is good for kids, it’s also good for grownups too. Reading together helps us slow down and connect with each other.

You won't get just another box on a doorstep. You won't feel guilt or have more for your to-do list. You will be inspired to enjoy small moments that add up to something priceless.

Unlike a traditional ongoing subscription, our premiere collection Simple Seeds lasts just four months.

The introductory Starter Pack and three additional Grower Packs each include two age-perfect books plus beautiful things that inspire and encourage. Families wanting to try out Literaseeds can purchase just the Starter Pack before deciding to continue.

Order your collection today or gift it to loved ones. Either way, Literaseeds makes it easier to take a break and enjoy reading together.