Meet the Team

The Literaseeds team loves discovering great children's books, making beautiful things, and finding ways to make connecting together easier for families. We're also friends who genuinely enjoy each other and have lots of fun together.

Ellen Jespersen Literaseeds founder
Ellen Jespersen
Ellen is the Literaseeds founder and resident book nerd. (She tries to be cool about it though, like Reese and Oprah.) Always in search of a good book, she's read lots of them with her four kids. Word got out and friends started asking for recommendations. She’s rescued many families from guesswork and she’ll do it for you too. With Literaseeds, you get her top picks without having to witness how much she loves PBS t-shirts and coffee.

Bobbi Gaukel Literaseeds
Bobbi Gaukel

Like what you see? Bobbi crafts the fun, creative Literaseeds artwork peppered around your home. Bobbi knows that beautifully-designed packaging and prints won’t make parenthood less chaotic or messy, but she hopes it will at least help you smile, take a deep breath, and relish a bit of loveliness each day. Bobbi enjoys spending time outside, especially in her backyard garden, and reading snuggled up with her kitty.

Susan Manes Literaseeds
Susan Manes

On the Literaseeds team, Susan is always the first one to turn in her homework. No one tops her helpful spirit, which is why your packages include all the right things, your questions are answered promptly, and your communication pieces make sense. Susan and her two young kids have also been known to serve as book testers on more than a few occasions.

Sara Patterson Literaseeds
Sara Patterson

Words are Sara’s friends. She loves putting them together and hopes that in Literaseeds’ corner of the world, you find words that inspire, encourage, and foster connection. If our team is enjoying homemade baked goods, there's a really good chance Sara made them. Also a mom of four, Sara has found reading to be a respite from a full schedule and energetic household, and she hopes to help you do the same.