Simple Seeds Bundle
Simple Seeds Bundle
Simple Seeds Bundle
Simple Seeds Bundle
Simple Seeds Bundle

Simple Seeds Bundle

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The Simple Seeds Bundle is a complete reading experience that includes an introductory Starter Pack and three Grower Packs sent out over four months.

Each ESSENTIAL pack contains:
    »  one excellent, age-perfect book.
    »  our exclusive seed cards.

Each DELUXE pack contains the essentials PLUS:
    »  a second wonderful book.
    »  beautful, useful goods.

The Simple Seeds Bundle is sent out once a month over four months to allow families time to savor the experience. The Starter Pack ships right away and arrives in 2-3 business days. Grower Packs 1, 2, and 3 ship one per month after the Starter Pack arrives.

Select from Seed, Sprout, or Bloom to enjoy age-perfect books. Not sure which age to pick? Our age chart makes it easy!

Seed Sprout Bloom
Ages 0-2 2-4 3-6
Stages newborn - toddler toddler - preschooler preschool - early grade school
Book Type 2 board books 1 board book &
1 hardcover
2 hardcovers
Level simple concepts ∙ reassuring characters ∙ limited words per page ∙ realistic images interesting story and characters ∙ longer text, but easy to understand ∙  rich vocabulary ∙ longer paragraphs ∙ more advanced story ∙ beginning abstract concepts