Starry Night Storytime Print
Starry Night Storytime Print

Starry Night Storytime Print

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A sweet reminder of the joys of snuggling close and enjoying a story, Starry Night Storytime from artist Emily Kinsella is a beautiful addition to a nursery, family room, or any reading nook in your home.

  • 8" x 10" with border ready for framing
  • printed with archival ink on premium fine art paper
  • available only from Literaseeds
Seed Sprout Bloom
Ages 0-2 2-4 3-6
Stages newborn - toddler toddler - preschooler preschool - early grade school
Book Type 2 board books 1 board book &
1 hardcover
2 hardcovers
Level simple concepts ∙ reassuring characters ∙ limited words per page ∙ realistic images interesting story and characters ∙ longer text, but easy to understand ∙  rich vocabulary ∙ longer paragraphs ∙ more advanced story ∙ beginning abstract concepts