Starter Pack
Starter Pack
Starter Pack
Starter Pack
Starter Pack

Starter Pack

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The Starter Pack is perfect for anyone who wants an easy, no-risk way to try out Literaseeds. The first in our Simple Seeds collection, you can get this pack focused on why we read together with no future commitment. The Starter Pack also makes a great gift!

The ESSENTIAL version includes:
    »  one excellent, age-perfect book.
    »  our exclusive seed cards.

The DELUXE version includes the essentials PLUS:
    »  a second wonderful book.
    »  beautiful, useful goods.

Choose from Seed, Sprout, or Bloom to enjoy age-perfect books. Not sure which age to pick? Our age chart makes it easy!

Seed Sprout Bloom
Ages 0-2 2-4 3-6
Stages newborn - toddler toddler - preschooler preschool - early grade school
Book Type 2 board books 1 board book &
1 hardcover
2 hardcovers
Level simple concepts ∙ reassuring characters ∙ limited words per page ∙ realistic images interesting story and characters ∙ longer text, but easy to understand ∙  rich vocabulary ∙ longer paragraphs ∙ more advanced story ∙ beginning abstract concepts